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"Blocked" by credit sesame, cash advance trade again?

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Deep 8 jun, according to a recent credit sesame to merchants of involved financial credit related business qualification, not have Banks, consumer finance companies, or national network of small loan qualification of the merchants, sesame credit will stop since February 28, and cooperation. Ant gold suit explained that the move is also in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, and sesame credit as an open platform, will gradually establish a perfect platform for the rules. Credit sesame is ant's credit business, from credit history, behavior preference, the performance ability, identity characteristics, connections to individual users in five dimensions, score, the situation of the credit score is 350 points to 950 points, the higher the score, also on behalf of the credit, the better. As an independent third party credit service agencies, sesame credit back to pay treasure to a large number of real-name users and the most popular with cash credit platform, at present most of the cash credit platform will be one of the main means of sesame points as a reference, even with sesame directly into credit evaluation and give to teach...
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