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A 6 Internet system "zebra 2" experience

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A 6 Internet system
Some time ago we tried with 2 mg 6 zebra system, the remote control, remote seat heating, the team, and the "big data" active navigation and "artificial intelligence" voice control system and other functions of the experience. Specifically, the so-called remote control, that is, "the car is not around, can start service at the mobile phone end", which includes remote car searching, remote opening of air conditioning, trunk and lock car's unlocking function. Where did the car stop, for example? For the new 6 mg, took out a mobile phone, click on the "search car", can be found on the map of the location of the car. And when you take out the mobile phone and get closer to the car position, you can also start a whistle and open a double flash. Before looking for a car and taking a car, we also open the air conditioning ahead of time by mobile phones, open the trunk and unlock the door. And in the official before departure, the use of new mg 6 team also was the team, this is mainly to upgrade instead of self driving in interphone. The team using the new 6 mg...
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