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To play a little game "double PK" QQ space launch platform in the New Year

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To play a little game
In the coming lunar New Year, the reporter found the QQ space with vast users and to "make things", online "double PK" the small game platform. Players can be in QQ friends dynamic, little game, double PK found several mild recreational little game, including the popular social circle "jump jump". Here, not only can enjoy pleasure operation, also can be checked and TA real-time play together, let little game full of endless fun! According to understand, little game to the point that play, exclusive advantages of easy operation, greatly inspired their enthusiasm. At the end of 2017, tencent, Facebook giants such as incoming, sit at the same table games, fun little game platforms such as APP boom. Leisure sports has become a H5 game trend, 2018 is doomed to be of the first year of the detonation of a small game. QQ space as the earliest layout H5 domestic top platform game, small game on active has exceeded 200 million, single monthly social game brings the installed capacity of more than 2000...
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