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Why Beijing convenience store will not die?

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Why Beijing convenience store will not die?
Hunting cloud note: according to the experience of Japan and Taiwan, when GDP per head reached $10000, convenience stores into the market competition. In 2017, Beijing just coming into the range of $10000 per capita GDP, the market competition intensifies, Beijing for convenience store a lot of opportunities. Article source: retail frontier club (ID: lingshouqianyanshe) author: chun-hui wu I don't know since when, Beijing has been dubbed "the convenience store to death". According to the 2013 China chain association issued "China city convenience store index" list, Beijing second-to-last place in the list of 26 cities. An extra large city with a population of more than 2000 resident, over the years, convenience store chain number only more than one thousand, its development speed is far less than the first-tier cities such as Shanghai and shenzhen, even behind many second-tier cities, for two reasons: one is the Beijing market of urban planning and living habits are not suitable for convenience store development; Its...
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