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"Block chain + business" : the traditional giant more false?

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If a block of chain decentralization of power will reshape our future production relations, so our distance that a decentralized business world, how far is it on earth, "block chain + commercial" and what will it look like? "Block chain + commercial" ultimate: the essence of decentralized production relations change block chain is to trust. Its first stage, is a machine building trust, trust to eliminate costs, excluding the economic exchange activity chain redundancy; And the second phase, also is the ultimate stage, it is the reconstruction of the production relations, the original, economic exchange activities depends on the profit of the centralized organizations such as companies, through establishing employment relationship with each one of us, make reasonable compensation, to serve the cause of the corresponding inspire us, competition, and on the overall system to achieve the optimal. However block chain mechanism, the economic incentive in the future is the result of community governance rules formulated by the algorithm and derivative tokens, lifted our attachment to the company in economy,...
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