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From 2000 COINS to bankruptcy, he experienced

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From 2000 COINS to bankruptcy, he experienced
【 hunting cloud network (micro letter: ilieyun)] in Beijing on March 16 (word/Hu Lei) currency circle one day, the world for three years. Currency of river's lake is always a blustery, manipulated, slightly one not careful will fall into the deep, insolvency. A simple pair of sports shoes, with a black sportswear, let Feng Yupeng appear gentle, natural. Who had thought, he is a four years ago, with 2000 COINS. Now Feng Yupeng, more is thinking and watching, he silently waiting for the opportunity, he told cloud network hunting, this time, he wants to break away from the dollar, the incoming block chain. A few times after an Feng Yupeng to hunt cloud network opened his circle in the currency of the altar "vintage". Mountain city sermon one afternoon in 2012, the mountain city of chongqing. A friend from Taiwan as drunk to Feng Yupeng explanation: what is the currency? For never exposed to currency Feng Yupeng, attracted. He listened with relish, "everyone is equal,...
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