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Tencent music "part" : 99% of the open back is 100% of the copyright monopoly

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Tencent music
Since the most tightly "copyright" after the release, online music opens the "rear" copyright battle, among them, tencent music is a big, under the copyright policy of tencent, netease cloud music music, shrimp, etc. The industry has a lot of damage to other players. Therefore, under the impetus of the national copyright administration, sharing music copyright has the trend of The Times, the two different music platform will be authorized music works, each other to achieve more than 99% of the number of their exclusive music works, at the same time actively open to other network platform for music music work authorization. At this point, online music platform a unity. However, ideal is always a good thing, but the reality tells us online music of disputes is not rest, so the picture of tencent is still in the remaining 1%, stirring the dispute continues in online music industry. The core library still monopoly: dark...
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