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Motion VS jingdong logistics, who led the "fresh" step?

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Motion VS jingdong logistics, who led the
In the face of the rise of jingdong logistics, although the executive motion not willing publicly to "face" competition, but does not mean the two didn't already in the field of individual wipe gun off accidentally. On March 30, 2018, should become a fresh cold chain industry development in 2018, the first a red-letter day. On this day, suitable abundant participated in the "2018 sakura business conference" in xi 'an, and jingdong logistics is in zhangzhou "zhangzhou Internet + 2018 fresh industry fields, although the two assembly, one is" cherry ", one is the "seafood", but for motion and jingdong, is to show the "fresh cold chain" of power. The focus is on motion in order to explore the possibility of TDD "has" cherry industry, jingdong logistics is to "bring fresh step" in seafood products. Let's look at their recent foreign show fresh cold chain strength! Motion: the whole industry chain solutions help agribusiness, behind its ecological cold early operation for motion...
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