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Three Principles of Wechat Marketing

2015-09-07 11:05:00Source: Goodway Network

The common misunderstandings of Wechat marketing can be basically divided into three categories: too amateur content: no promotion plan, no promotion ideas, or even no promotion personnel, namely, registering an official Wechat, occasionally sending out boring industry information, or self-talk Lyric essays; promotion flying all over the sky: if it never sends out, it must be promotion, either today's discount, or tomorrow's gift, utilitarian. No secret, hungry like quick success and instant benefit; Promotion without rules: this month sent a bunch, tomorrow sent a bunch, remember to do, forget to throw aside, at all did not take this free platform seriously, no rhythm, no plan, no rules; In this age of information fragmentation, in this age of information explosion, in this age of impetuosity, brand generated any. If the information is not attractive in 5 seconds, then the information has become garbage information! Which consumer is concerned that a mining company has polluted the environment? It is not necessaries such as rice flour, grain and oil.

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