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Jingdong Microsoft push plan is "Beijing" is not only playing "specification"

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Jingdong Microsoft push plan is
On April 17, 2018, Beijing, China - today, jingdong and Microsoft announced together, will be launched in jingdong platform "is Beijing plan". Since April 1, 2018, jingdong dongping 31 on stage together with Microsoft has Beijing manufacturer of 41 DIY brand Shared commitment, is in PC products are sold in the Windows operating system software pre-installed. The two sides will play their respective advantages, promote Beijing dongping on the standardization of the Windows operating system, to provide users with high efficiency, stability and safety of products use experience, and for manufacturers to provide all-round support technology, product and market. Jingdong group Li Sirui computer digital division general manager, said: "customers as the first gene jingdong long development, also is the value of jingdong standards. Jingdong in the field of computer digital convergence...
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