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Introduced the New Deal! "Health" Internet + model is good or tighten?

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Introduced the New Deal!
At the recent policy of the state council routine briefing, the national health committee, according to China's forthcoming "about promoting the development of" Internet + medical health "opinion", from the service system, support system, strengthen the supervision of industry and security three aspects, such as effective specification the development of the "Internet + medical health", in order to satisfy the demands of the people's growing health care health. In the industry point of view, the briefing revealed two of the most important information for the diagnosis and treatment was banned "" the Internet and" must rely on entity of medical institution ". For Internet medical industry, the policy is good or tighten? How big is the development of future space network hospital? Hospital network has become increasingly obvious around the year 2000, our country has started to "health" Internet + platform, less than twenty years, with the lilac garden, good doctor the doctor the latter represented a number of enterprises to attract a large number of doctors and patients to join, clove garden as...
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