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Aurora big data: 2018 Q1 smartphone research report

2018-05-07 20:57:00Source: Road net

In 2018, domestic handset's rise continues and seemed unstoppable. Huawei in consecutive quarters after the first throne won the domestic mobile phone sales, in January 2018 and finally OPPO as beyond apple, took the domestic mobile phone ownership in the first two places. Millet sales share for three consecutive quarter of growth, let its impact Hong Kong appears more adept. Aurora big data released the 2018 Q1 smartphone industry research report, from the ownership of the mobile phone market, sales, loyalty, user portrait, app installation conditions and operators research from several aspects such as analysis of the current pattern of the smartphone market. A, aurora smartphone penetration analysis, according to data from 2018 Q1 domestic mobile phone penetration the top five brands of huawei, OPPO respectively, iPhone, vivo and millet. After several consecutive quarter of...

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