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The Debate of "Super Network Synthesis" among Youaiteng's Three Families

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The Debate of
No doubt, no matter what the outside world says, IQY has won a game in the capital market. Since May, stock prices have been staggering upwards, reaching a peak of 44.46, with a ring-on-ring growth of more than 100%. Corresponding to the operational level, several major mainstream videos in China are also darkly competing. This summer is approaching. Videos like IQY, Youku, Tencent TV and Mango TV are competing to arrange summer variety shows. Last year, online content matrices such as "China has hip hop", "Running Bar", "Chinese Restaurant", "Happy Boys" attracted wide attention. Running Bar alone ended with 13 billion broadcasts. From the performance of IQIYI in the capital market and the achievements made by various platforms last year, we can see that the synthesizer is generally welcomed by the market, but it is not so easy to make a super synthesizer program. Qunying Dance's "Holiday" begins with a set of summer programs published by Sina Watch: @Youku & nbsp;...
The results from the Machine Translation
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