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Tencent's organizational structure, but also change

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Tencent's organizational structure, but also change
[editor's note] antecedents review: recently, tencent announced the adjustment of internal structure, the newly established industrial enterprise group (CSIG), cloud and intelligence platform and content of enterprise group (PCG), and the original WeChat enterprise group (WXG), interactive entertainment group (IEG), technology, engineering business group (TEG), enterprises development group (CDG) to retain. In addition, tencent will integrate social advertising (SPA) and the effect with the original network media business group (OMG) advertising, the creation of a new advertising and marketing service (AMS). This is tencent six years for the first time large-scale internal structure adjustment. There were given numerous interpretations, whether pay more attention to the internal communication, or increase the intensity of industrial service (to B), also belong to the organization structure still need more adapt to the transition period, it also seems to be for the future of the seeds "variables". This article reprinted from arjuna said, the author jian-wei, hundred million euro after finishing editing, for industry...
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