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Toyota by He Daju into China?

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Toyota by He Daju into China?
Recently, news of Toyota in China much more than in the past, but also very much. Whether the global electric car planning begins with the Chinese market to expand outward, or cooperation with geely in hybrid technology, then the lexus's domestic work is ready. Toyota, the world's first car sales companies, it seems that now at last the time is ripe to show it in the Chinese market for the layout of the intensive cultivation. As the world's first car companies, Toyota sales in China, the biggest market global car is not qualified. Don't say Volkswagen and gm, along with Japanese Honda and nissan also already well clear of them. Vw sold 4.02 million cars in China in 2017, Honda 1.44 million, nissan 1.26 million, Toyota have only 1.13 million units. Toyota began to seize the new bonuses, China's auto market plan to existing capacity increased by 35% in 2021, has been launched faw and gac joint venture factory a total of 240000...
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