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Sonar "shore" finally, unmanned is ultimately benefit?

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Image: visual China | intelligent relativity (ID: aixdlun), the author | YanXuan mentioned sonar, many people's first reaction is underwater navigation and positioning system, indeed, early warning detection sonar technology should be underwater target, is a kind of using sound waves propagation characteristics of underwater by acoustic conversion and information processing, underwater detection and communication task of electronic equipment. Underwater sonar, however, is not exclusive content detection, in the land environment, people always want to apply sonar, but so far, are just at the primary stage of follow bats slowly. Recently, tel aviv university in Israel, said the researchers developed a completely autonomous terrain robot, called Robat, it can sound like a bat and analyze the echo, to identify, map, and avoid outdoor obstacles. Robat is completely autonomous, biologically similar bat first of walking robot, the terrain of the robot, no doubt...
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