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Baby check CEO Zhang Tiantian: how do I do the sea?

2015-09-24 16:31:15Source: entrepreneur

eBay done a survey, let Chinese users fill in scouring the sea the main reasons, results of more than 70% of users choose the & ldquo; cheap & rdquo; and second is & ldquo; quality & rdquo;. However, the shortcomings of the sea Amoy is language, payment, logistics and obstacles. In cross-border business after the explosion of red, Hai Tao of the user, not afraid of trouble, adhere to scouring the sea, the reason is cheap, and SKU wide. Baby check CEO Zhang Tiantian told the state, the baby can do the thing, is based on cross-border electricity suppliers and sea Amoy between the things — — help users scouring the sea, so that users directly buy foreign goods, and help users solve the payment of a series of logistics customs and other services. Baby lattice is who? On-line baby lattice site in November 2014, at first in vertical cross-border electricity supplier maternal, force flash sale purchase, March 2015, the opening of overseas direct...

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