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Why can't we open a shop in an airport to be a brand?

2018-12-22 19:00:00Source: Billion euro

But because Dragon Cat Jun is very active every time, he arrives early every time. Especially in our country, airports like to be late. So, Mr. Long Maojun has a lot of time to visit Airport stores. There are several categories of airport stores: luxury stores, fast food stores, bookstores and coffee shops are the most mainstream. Starbucks, McDonald's and so on are of course standard matches. This gives Dragon Cat Jun a bold imagination, in these airports can be born some brand exclusive to the airport? After all, the airport has a large number of high-end business people. But in fact, as Huahua and Huashan once said, in this absolute game environment, it is not easy to create new brands. By analogy, it will be found that in scenic spots, gas stations, and certain monopoly areas, brands are often difficult to come up with. Even in commercial real estate, a shopping mall with a specific investment process, it is difficult to form an independent strong brand. So today, Dragon Cat Jun wants to find out how consumer brands can become a brand.

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