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Cleaning the battlefield, 2018, 2019, after crying again

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Cleaning the battlefield, 2018, 2019, after crying again
Near the end of 2018, the year, every industry is anxious and difficult. With a particularly appropriate word to describe, in 2018, from all walks of life are cleaning the battlefield, Shared cycling ofo: a line up a refund and P2P explosion ray uninterrupted, real estate developers in shout "live", home building materials market value of listed companies in overall 170 billion, companies pay cuts, layoffs, large quantities of startups run swimming naked. Market is filled with a lot of negative emotions out of the signals, like winter cannot use the capital to describe the present situation and the mood of entrepreneurs. Someone said, "there is nothing new under the sun, the Internet circles seem to have no too much and can focus on the fresh things, the future really have is a traditional industry innovation of new possibilities. Innovation of traditional industry, one of the few in the trillions of industry in China, household building materials belonging to the least attention. Over the past few months, hundred million euro home with a lot of home building materials enterprises founder, dong...
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