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Defeat Amazon, Google! Aliyun image recognition speed record

2018-12-27 13:37:20Source: Cloud hunting net

On December 25, Stanford University released the latest DAWNBench Deep Learning Reasoning List. Aliyun won the double-material championship in image recognition performance and cost, breaking Amazon's eight-month record. This is the first time that the list has appeared in China's technology companies. Stanford University's DAWN Bench is one of the most authoritative competitions in the field of artificial intelligence. It requires the computing platform of participating institutions to accurately identify and classify 50,000 images. The test results show that Aliyun recognizes pictures 2.36 times faster than Amazon and 5.28 times faster than Google. (The AI reasoning performance of Aliyun breaks the record, surpassing the performance of AWS and Google hardware.) Behind Aliyun's record is the super computing power of Aliyun cloud computing platform. In this contest, the breakthrough of Ali cloud computing platform lies in the acceleration of research and development for image recognition tasks.

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