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The "education empire" of a good future has emerged?

2018-12-27 18:58:00Source: Billion euro

Editor's Note: The two giants of education and training industry are the main force of investment in the field of education. From 2011 to 2018, 133 cases of public participation in investment in the good future have been reported. The number of investment transactions is far more than twice that of New Oriental, covering multiple subdivisions of the education industry. Under the trend of industrial internet, the education industry is facing a new upgrade. The investment layout crosses the upstream and downstream of the industry. Can it lead the industry upgrade and bring solutions to the pain points of the industry? This article was first published in "Chinese entrepreneurs", by Zhao Dongshan, and edited by Euro 100 million for reference by professionals. On December 4, Good Future announced its wholly-owned acquisition of CodeMonkey, an Israeli game programming education company. This is the 21st investment in the good future in 2018. Earlier, Baby Tree, an online community platform for mothers and babies with good future investments, was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on November 27. As China's highest market value education companies, the good future from 2011 onwards will be frequent foreign..

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