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In 2018, those amazing logistics black Technology

2019-01-10 14:10:00Source: Billion euro

On January 8, the National Science and Technology Award Conference was solemnly held in the Great Hall of the People. The project "China High Precision Location Network and Its Important Application in Transportation" won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. It is reported that the project focuses on the transportation industry, which is the key civil industry of Beidou system. It innovates and breaks through many key basic technologies, creates a series of ground application technologies matching Beidou satellite system, and carries out large-scale applications in the transportation industry, playing a significant role for Beidou system in China. Systematization, scale and industrialization of key industries have made outstanding contributions. This shows that China's transportation sector has made significant breakthroughs in science and technology, but also highlights the country's attention and attention to high-tech. Just past 2018, is a year of rapid development of intelligent logistics, there are unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles, intelligent warehousing, block chains, intelligent Internet of Things and other technologies continue to innovate and develop, but also seemingly horse.

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