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Bitcoin plummeted, breaking the $4,000 mark

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Bitcoin plummeted, breaking the $4,000 mark
The struggle for Bitcoin continued in 2019. The world's largest encrypted currency fell 9% to a low of $3570.29 Thursday morning, according to Coin Desk, an industry data website. This sudden and sharp fall has cost Bitcoin more than 70% a year. Other major encrypted currencies are also struggling. According to Coin Desk, ETF fell 15% and XRP fell 9%. Analysts did not point out the exact reason for Thursday's encrypted currency decline. Mati Greenspan, senior market analyst at eToro, said that although customers had been asking, there seemed to be no real reason for the decline, which was "neither technical nor fundamental". Greenspan said: "One of the interesting things about this change is that it seems to be related to Zhou...
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