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Can Cat\'s Eye Turn Around in Winter

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Listing is a sign of successful development of an enterprise, which is the consensus of all. However, in the Internet industry, this law is not fully applicable. A large number of enterprises choose to go public when they are not profitable. They are more short of money. Cat\'s Eye, which updates the prospectus on January 3, is such a company. As the leader of the online ticketing platform, Cat\'s Eye is not doing well. In the cat\'s eye prospectus, in the first three quarters of 2018, the cat\'s eye lost more than 100 million yuan. Not only that, cat\'s eye has lost more than 2 billion dollars since it was born in 2015. Although Cat\'s Eye has the largest market share in the online ticketing market, Cat\'s Eye does not have the ability to make money. Whether online ticketing is a business breaks through 60 billion in 2018, and can grow to such a scale, the efforts of online ticketing platform in recent years can not be ignored. In 2014, Ali Film Industry was established, and Taobao Telecom, the predecessor of ticket-hunting, was also established.
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