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Wide-sighted chess game under the new wave of AI

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Wide-sighted chess game under the new wave of AI
[Cloud Hunting Network Beijing] January 16, 2019 (Wen/Zhou Zuojing). On January 6, 2019, the strategic conference of the Blind Robot was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Blind Technologies released the Blind Robot Network Cooperative Brain HeTuan. Hetu is an operating system dedicated to the rapid integration of robotics and logistics manufacturing, one-stop solution planning, simulation, implementation and operation of the whole process. In Tang Wenbin's words, Hetu is the "commander of the Robot Band", and the name of Hetu comes from "Fuxi Guantian, see the river map, produce eight diagrams". This shows the inclusive mentality of ignoring the link between the river map and the industrial chain and creating the ecological environment of the industrial chain. Hetu's Mission: Connecting More Values at the conference, Inge, co-founder and CEO of the world-wide science and technology, delivered a speech on the theme of "Industrial Observation in the Age of AIoT". According to Inge, industrial enterprises are being driven by the tide of the times to upgrade IoT and IT. As the demographic dividend diminishes...
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