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Huatai automobile curse

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Huatai automobile curse
【 】 hunting cloud network Beijing January 24 (text/first sound) recently, huatai automobile default employee wages event. Huatai automobile staff issued a "faking" to the media, according to the letter, since February 2018, huatai automobile group has not according to the labor contract agreed by the payday each month 20 normal salary, the company has staff more than 1000 people in four monthly wages in arrears. Employees, according to the year end will come, break them into meters of China, have no choice, only to the media for help. In fact, has the media reported before huatai automobile default employee wages, but did not reach, as the staff said, "all staff of more than 1000 people in arrears... 4 months salary "so serious. On January 22, 2019, huatai auto respond, unpaid wages and so on is false news content, part of having failed in the performance appraisal is stop malicious smear. A response to some pale...
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