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Apple's Siri, vice President of the stasi the departure

2019-02-02 21:04:58Source: Tencent technology

Tencent technology - According to foreign media reports, apple's Siri voice assistant vice President Bill - the stasi Mr (Bill Stasior) recently left Siri team. He has been responsible for leading for the past seven years Siri assistant work. Over the years, apple Siri voice assistant received considerable attention. Many people believe that, although apple is the first sales of big technology companies, this technology in the field of intelligent voice assistant but it has been left behind. It is understood that the stasi in 2012 joined the Siri team, responsible for leading the team. At that time, Siri's two developers have left the Siri team, but they still remain in apple involved in other projects. Stasi Mr Leaving the company is likely to John zhan she rhea (John Giannandrea) adjustment strategy. Jg rhea, she is now the apple machine learning and artificial intelligence strategy, senior vice President, in his to...

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