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Huawei's Ambition for Security and Haikangwei's Heart Disease

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Huawei's Ambition for Security and Haikangwei's Heart Disease
This article is reproduced from the Weixin public number "An Tian Tian", the author Xin Chang. The author of the letter introduces himself: you can think that I am a chain link on the smallest ring of an industry chain. The power range is in North China and East China, and all kinds of users and big factories are working. Occasionally, they also write characters, drink small wine, listen to Tucao and chat. Not a literary worker, nor a pure technical expert. So half the professionals and half the laymen have the right to gossip. In the security circle of 2018, the topic has been pulled by external forces. Documents from the U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of Commerce have become the most concerned topic. But as far as the industry is concerned, I think the most important signals are Huawei's "going into the sea", Haikang's "shouting" and slowdown of performance. Other topics of concern, such as the dispute between traditional big factories and AI four small dragons, have not yet touched the root; the entry of BAT may not have advantages from soft to hard BAT; Sino-US trade frictions, Trump's bad tricks, the macro situation may not really be affected.
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