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Apple HomePod American share only 6%

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Apple HomePod American share only 6%
Company CIRP based on market analysis according to the latest data, apple HomePod installation number is 4 million, in the us market share of 6%. HomePod have performed poorly during the holiday shopping season, its share of the market is still far behind Google Home and amazon Echo, compared with apple, Google and amazon provides a series of cheaper models. It is worth mentioning that CIRP, according to data from HomePod is sells for more than $300 of the most popular intelligent speaker products, but this is not a high price, sales of smart speaker. Amazon and Google to sell most of the models are Home mini model and Echo Dot, they cost around $50. It is understood that in the United States market, in addition to apple HomePod 6%, the remaining 94% by amazon Echo and Google Home, they share 70% and...
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