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No convenience store is the existence of "how to"?

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No convenience store is the existence of
In this paper, the author as the chief of staff, from the public, the retail business review, recommend reading by brand laboratory. There is no shelf in pattern on the face of the numerous tests, wave up fast, is soon back. Once scenery infinite no shelves, now only the first chicken feathers. And with almost no shelf up no convenience store at the same time, the current from the point of business model, through the market test, slowly on track. Today, we talk about no one on earth is the existence of "how to" convenience store? There is no lack of capital market has been in blowing giant spoiler no convenience store, after more than two years of market from the perspective model, has been increasingly mature. Earlier on investors, also began to incoming. Capital on the track, has also been thering is no lack of heat. In early 2018, bean fruit finish $510 million B round box. Jane 24 announced A round of funding, amount to tens of millions of dollars. Recently, Today announced a complete 300 million yuan B + round of financing, valuation of 3 billion...
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