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In 2019, Zhang Jindong and Suning blossom

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In 2019, Zhang Jindong and Suning blossom
As the year of the pigs approached in the lunar calendar and the year-end conference in Suning, when Zhang Jindong smiled and counted the achievements of the past year, many people thought of a sentence in the Book of Changes: the change of gentleman and leopard. In Chinese tradition, the change of gentleman leopard is not only a great realm, but also a kind of self-expectation. It means that a gentleman is born like a cheetah. He is born in the ordinary. He has been hardened and refuses to change. Finally, he has finally opened up a new world and put forth great splendor. Looking back at the upcoming e-commerce giant in Nanjing, Zhang's 29-year entrepreneurship in the past, the gentleman leopard may be the most appropriate praise. Beijing Suning Shop Project, International Milan Club and TMT Investment and Financing Project have won the "Chairman's Special Award" in the new year. Zhang Jindong and Suning, who are at the helm of the company, will have the most expectations. 1. & nbsp; resigned, went to sea, born in the 1960s, his unique experience as a teenager, he nurtured a place.
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