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Musk inspects Europe personally oversaw Model 3 delivered

2019-02-10 22:28:43Source: Tencent Technology

Tencent Technology news in the United States Tesla Company's Volkswagen Model 3, has begun shipping to the European market delivery to subscribers. Elon Musk, Tesla's boss, said he had arrived in Europe to tie in with Model 3 's European delivery and planned to visit Norway, the carmaker's third-largest market, according to foreign media latest news. The move is sure to delight many of his European fans. Musk said in Saturday that he planned to visit Tesla's headquarters in Amsterdam and Oslo to inspect services in Norway and that delays in the delivery of new cars in Norway in the past were known to unsettle customers, according to foreign media reports. Musk had earlier stopped at the Dutch Tilburg and the Belgian port city of Ze Brugge. Musk posted a photo on Twitter in which there appeared to be many models of Model 3. Tesla (Tesla) spokesman two weeks ago Certificate ...

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