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In 2019, the business still need their own space

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In 2019, the business still need their own space
In the business world, the survival and development is the first principle, all of our challenges, and even compromise, stick to, all need to find their own space, can't live, everything is bullshit. From the cognitive level, realistic within the first space, workers such as increase, prostitution or consolidation, itself or within the industry; To the outside is the second space, such as industrial chain extension, across different formats, scene, etc., ability has been out of the enterprise original amplitude; And wider era, it is found that the third space, from the perspective of more stereo, think about the future of the enterprise. But the reality of the business, is in the field of more and more, our living space are constantly to be squeezed, so the 123 possible enterprise to strive for, level is different, do different things. One, looking for space, the first to jump out from his own space last month, many companies held its annual meeting, might be picked up a lot of people feel this way, the content of 80% 80% of the company's annual meeting, is all useless, really means...
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