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Unveiling the Core Chain of Internet Finance Black Industry

2019-02-15 10:57:00Source: Billion euro

In 2018, mobile payment, consumer finance, cash loans and other Internet financial services are becoming more and more mature. While Internet financial services bring convenience to people's lives, they also bring huge profits to Internet black products. After years of development, the black industry chain of Internet finance is becoming more and more perfect, and gradually specialized and industrialized. At present, the whole black industry through the organic division of labor and cooperation, in the way of gang crime, has caused a variety of risks to the entire Internet financial industry, such as money laundering, fraud, billing, arbitrage, fraud and so on. At this time, how to combat and fight against black industry has become the core issue of the whole Internet financial industry. This report reveals the mystery of the black industry of Internet finance to the public and industry by analyzing the latest risk situation of the Internet finance industry and combining with the new threats in the black industry chain. Threat Review of Black Sector Threat in Mutual Exchange Industry in 2018: Information Leakage Cases Frequent, Transaction Fraud Risk Rising sharply & nbsp...

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