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QQ game hackers for 20 years

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QQ game hackers for 20 years
Images from visual China & have spent | zinc scale, the author | intellectual, edit | Chen deng the new 1999-2009: hackers to master the initiative in the 1990 s the hackers, hackers have a sister translation highlighted more mysterious, powerful and awesome power and fear of the unknown. When hackers technology world and spiritual world, and with making a fool of hacking weapon at the turn of the century, the emergence of lower and lower the threshold of the hacker, the hacker team gradually show the situation of good and evil people mixed up, faded mystique nature, the term hacker has become the dust of history. Sword refers to the theft behavior of QQ Trojan is the typical representative, as many hackers portal tool of enlightenment. The author reached a declined to hacker alliance member ID, old campus X lei, now he is engaged in a decent penetrant testing work, is a bit cagey about exactly the story of the past, finally shanshan, under the request again and again. & other; Memory 2001 QQ men began to rise. ...
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