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Decryption suning store

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Decryption suning store
Editor's note: this article from WeChat public, "retail boss made" (ID: lslb168), the author Dry Guo Zhifu, editing than Howard, 36 kr be authorized to release. Key takeaway: 1. Suning stores throughout the suning retail special positioning of the plates. 2. Suning stores and convenience stores begin to reflect? 3. Also in crazy expansion suning store dangerous and opportunity coexist? At the end of 2017, suning "wisdom retail development" strategy is proposed. From here, very convenience store industry focused suning store project is officially launched. This is usually used by industry as a convenience to observe suning small formats, actual situation cognition with industry may have a lot of deviation. Very simple, single from site selection, suning stores are quite different. It doesn't like convenient bees choose business circle and office area of convenience store brand development stores, but all deep deep into the community consumption scenarios. On product selection, suning stores of family business...
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