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"Translation" of Wang language dog smart wearable devices TailTalk

2015-10-11 12:41:00Source: TECH2IPO original

article source: indiegogo. Tech2ipo / transcend emmabee compilation, the original starting, reprint please indicate the source of the dog is man's best friend, they always seem to be able to detect the master mind. Depressed when, it will quietly stay by your side, Cengceng you; when you are in danger, they always in the first time rushed out care about you. As to their intimate, human beings seem to be less than enough to know what the dog thinks. All day long bustling about to work, never time to observe its own dog all living habits. Now the office workers have the opportunity to further understand your dog, founded in the United States of technology companies in New York DogStar in the Indiegogo on the line a smart dog wearable devices: TailTalk. The study found that the dog's tail is one of the important ways to communicate with the outside world except through the sound. From Kangnai...

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