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Apple Airpods 2, are you finally coming?

2019-03-05 07:03:21Source: IT Home

Apple will hold a spring conference on March 25, which has long been a buzz, and at the current pace, the new AirPods, the second generation of AirPods, is likely to appear at this conference. Are you finally coming? It is expected that the new AirPods will incorporate black color matching, which can be directly distinguished from the original products in appearance. At the same time, the black AirPods earphone case and receiver will use the grinding design of the iPhone 7 era, which can increase the friction between the earphone and the ear, thus better prevent the headphone from falling off. At the same time, frosted black can also make the receiving box not be able to withstand wear and tear like cash products, but it is not known whether AirPods 2 will retain white color matching. In addition to the new color matching, the new AirPods headset also adds a certain waterproof performance, while the headset body may be due to the addition of anti-corrosion.

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