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SONY ren dialogue

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SONY ren dialogue
Recently, ren zhengfei, a meeting with SONY CEO yoshida, xian, meeting minutes, the summary, yoshida, President of ask huawei's founder, ren zhengfei, the 10 questions (SONY China asked the other two), asked ren's management philosophy, huawei decision-making mechanism, management model, key events, etc., as candid and in-depth answers to each other respect. & have spent Ren said at the same time willing to open to apple's lens, such as battery technology. The minutes of the text is as follows: a, 1, yoshida, President of huawei internal management: SONY, since entrepreneurship has a history of 72 years, I was served as President, 11 April this year. I mainly study from SONY founder of sheng tian to three points: first, we need to have a sense of crisis; Second, we need to keep a modest attitude; Third, we should have a long-term vision. Post your philosophy is similar to this? Head: the basic similar. But I think, the first...
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