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Huawei HiLink has two sides of the "open" coin

2019-03-17 22:45:43Source: IT Home

With 5G taking its first step, cloud computing and big data technology will be better applied in the field of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things in the future, which will promote smart home to the era of full intelligence. Among them, AI+IoT is an important development trend in the future of the Internet of Consumer Things, and is also the development path to achieve full intelligence.+ IoT platform has become an important measure for mainstream IT vendors to develop in the field of consumer Internet of Things. Walking in this year's AWE exhibition, Xiaobian found that scenario-based smart home demonstration has become a reserved part of many mainstream IT vendors. It is the AI+IoT platform that supports the centralized display of multi-device scenario interconnection. In this process, the "invasion" of new consumer electronics and Internet manufacturers in the IT field has become an increasingly noticeable trend of AWE in recent years. Huawei is the most obvious example. This year, they showcased scenario-based IoT technology using HiLink as the basic connection platform for smart home.

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