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You need to know these things about Lyft listed

2019-03-25 14:01:37Source: 36 kr

Editor's note: as a technology company, net about car Lyft listed questions of investment are cliches, bring people is also a kind of familiar boredom. However, we should jump out the limitations of earnings, profits, from technology, content, community, leadership, culture and the relationship between six dimensions, with greater perspective to look at the vision and the future of this company. In this paper, the author Erik P.M. Vermeulen, the original title What you need to know about Lyft s  '; The IPO. Images: Thought the Catalog on UnsplashLyft recently submitted documents, hope to become the first public offering (IPO) of "net about car company. About this articles, blogs and video is countless. So, why should I dedicated this...

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