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Ma Yun's Mathematics Game

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Ma Yun's Mathematics Game
Photo Source @Visual Chinese Titanium Media Note: This article is from Sina Technologies, author: Han Dapeng, Titanium Media is authorized to release. One point, 19 points, 79 points & hellip; & hellip; mathematics, may be a thorn in Ma Yun's heart. Pull out the thorn, become his return to education & ldquo; Lesson 1 & rdquo;. It's a good story that Liu Bei, Sangu Maolu and Ma Yunsan went to the examination hall. July 1982, Hangzhou. & Xiao Ma Yun rushed to the examination room with a score of 1. On the day of his failure, he was convinced that “ was not a piece of reading material ” and began to work as a temporary worker to subsidize his family. That year, Ma Yun, 18, traveled through the streets of Hangzhou on a tricycle delivering magazines. Fortune has changed by chance. Once...
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