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Who is the king of making money?

2019-04-07 18:00:00Source: Billion euro

2018 is not an easy year for the domestic car market's "scrambling and rolling" car companies. Especially in the annual earnings season, everyone began to "compare" again. Judging from the "report card" of listed automobile companies that have published financial reports, Geely Automobile (00175, HK) and Shanghai Automobile Group (600104, SH) have achieved double growth in sales and net profit, winning the shiver in the automobile market. But Jiangling Automobile (000550, SZ) and FAW Car (000800, SZ) are not so lucky. Sales and net profit have declined year-on-year, which makes them a little lonely in the earnings season. Rough statistics show that there are nine listed automotive companies that have disclosed their earnings in 2018 before the press release. So who will be the moneymaker of 2018? Great Wall, Geely earned a lot of money as the top automobile company of last year's independent brand sales, Geely Automobile and Great Wall Automobile (601633, SH) 20..

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