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Another Samsung Galaxy Fold video streaming

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Another Samsung Galaxy Fold video streaming
IT Home News Apr. 7: nbsp; Samsung Galaxy Fold has already been launched on MWC 2019, but Samsung officially only released a first-hand video on YouTube Channel, which did not give the media a hands-on experience. The second video has also come out, following an initial video stream on the Internet. According to the source who exposed the videos, the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold came from a customer who had just been remotely unlocked for the customer and had no real chance to get started. This video highlights the function of the phone in the small screen state, as well as the features of photography, speaker performance and so on. In some situations, the folds after the mobile phone is unfolded are still dim, but when the screen is bright, the folds are not particularly obvious. You can watch this first-hand video below, or click here to read the first details of the last exposure.
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