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Vehicle Enterprise Officer Down: Following or Elimination?

2019-04-09 12:10:00Source: Billion euro

The essence of Editor's Note's collective official decline is undoubtedly a price war in the industry. Whether luxury brand, joint venture brand or independent brand, if we want to find a way out in the depressed environment, we must solve the problem of unsalable sales through the most direct price reduction strategy, and only enough market share can guarantee it. Certificate brand is not marginalized. However, the competition is cruel, the enterprises with strong system can still fight, and the enterprises with weak system will inevitably become victims in this price war. This article is reproduced from the Automobile Industry Network (http://www.autoreport.cn/), the original author is Dong Nan and Bai Chaoyang, edited by Euro 100 million, for the reference of the industry. In the relay race of official landing in the past month, the official landing at the beginning was false and real, but the more serious the atmosphere was, the more fierce the car companies were. Whether for the main engine factory or the distributor, there is no "quiet good years" for a long time, only to run with all one's strength. If we say that this "official demotion" has ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()().

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