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Tianhong Yao cancelled the purchase restriction from April 10

2019-04-09 20:05:35Source: Tencent Technology

On the evening of April 9, Tianhong Fund Management Co., Ltd. announced that it would cancel the limit on the holdings of Tianhong Treasury Money Market Fund's individual trading account and the one-day purchase quota from April 10. In other words, investors will no longer be subject to the limit of 20,000 yuan per day and the limit of 100,000 yuan per person. Industry insiders believe that this also shows that after several rounds of regulation and control, the platform will continue to run smoothly to meet the financial needs of users. Since the second half of 2017, in order to alleviate the pressure of the rapid growth of the scale of single fund, Tianhongyao Fund has taken active quota measures. Beginning in May 2018, Yueyue Platform has adopted an open mode of cooperation among multiple companies to further improve the user experience. From the previous annual reports of various funds, the overall size of Tianhong Yao Fund has steadily declined after regulation and control, and other new funds accessing Yao Platform have become more and more popular.

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