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Why does "Little Red Cup" coffee come online every day?

2019-04-10 14:35:00Source: Billion euro

Every day Youxian sells coffee, but also has a product brand with a very good memory point - Xiaohongcup. The outside world is surprised at this. The reason is that it focuses on the daily freshness of the fresh community business, which is far from the coffee category and has a long cross-border product distance. You see, this feeling is nothing more than the coffee context in today's China, which has been deviated by Starbucks, Costa, Rachel and even coffee. If you try McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, and 7-ELEVEn convenience stores that also focus on coffee, it's no big surprise that the value of coffee in a retail business portfolio. Because coffee is a taste primer. Yuan Qi is not a popular concept. It applies Wushu "Fist, Leg, Grab, Relay, etc." According to the advanced model, it is similar to the starting point of boxing. Coffee is the essence of people's consumption experience. Because of the coffee, the food configuration is flexible.

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