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Six Management Levers Beyond Reason

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Six Management Levers Beyond Reason
Photo Source @Visual Chinese Old Village Business, Management and Culture are the three dimensions of measuring enterprises. Innovation represents the eternal change of products, which is the core of business; the design of trust representative system must be fair, which is the management principle; the mission represents the eternal change of team driving force, which is the cultural origin. Culture is the soul of an enterprise, driving institutional change and business breakthroughs. Culture-driven teams may give up some opportunities and temptations, but they can also withstand the test of crisis. Initial representatives of the essence of the questioning, to maintain the culture unchanged, such enterprises must be great. Team linearity and index Our thinking is linear, and most businesses, especially after product PMF, business data growth is exponential. Business growth goes beyond linear thinking. Amazon does not derive from linear thinking from books to everything. When linear thinking encounters business chaos, new products are replaced by engines from 0 to 1 or during development.
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