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Millet 6 pushes the last Android 8.0 development

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Millet 6 pushes the last Android 8.0 development
IT Home, April 12, News & nbsp; According to previous forecasts, Millet 6 released the last Android O development/experience version 9.4.11 today, while suspending the packaging and release of the experience version after Android P. Millet 6 Android O experiential version of the companions need to swipe as soon as possible to the development version 9.4.11, to ensure that the follow-up can be upgraded to the Android P development version in time. The latest MIUI 109.4.11 upgraded version of millet 6 has been pushed. The download package size is 1.7GB, which brings a lot of repair and update content. According to the previous millet plan, millet 6, millet MIX 2 and millet Note 3 will support the upgrade of Android 9.0; in addition, millet 6 will also usher in GPU driver, Game Turbo, full screen gestures. Millet 6 is millet company on April 19, 2017.
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