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On Financial Services in Platform Economy

2019-04-16 10:19:00Source: Billion euro

Nowadays, network finance is all about platform cooperation and platform customers. Today we are talking about "platform economy". - Platform Classification - In order to make what we call platforms more intuitive, we first need to classify platforms in general. The figure above describes four types of platforms that appear in the production, circulation and consumption links. In fact, each type represents a large scene. 1. Consumption platform. Consumer platforms aggregate the relationship between buying and selling. Whether it is platform self-operation or platform matching, consumer payment, the exchange mode of products and services provided by enterprises has not changed. Financial services focus on C-side payment consumer credit services, and B-side receipt cash management services. 2. Industrial platform. Industrial platforms aggregate the industrial relationship between production and circulation. Inter-enterprise procurement may be one-level or multi-level. Financial services focus on cash management and credit financing services in all aspects of commodity production and circulation.

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